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How To Use The Cynical Web Pages

The Cynical web pages are designed to be simple in all ways. The layout is simple: no frames; no dancing, scrolling button arrays; no fancy backgrounds or unusual fonts; no proprietary formats such as PDF (Acrobat) or Flash files. We believe that content matters, and presentation is a deeply personal matter between you and your browser that we'd rather not intrude on.

Of course we do try to organize our stuff in a useful way. We try to be consistent, and to provide you with navigation aids to get around without too much confusion. But when in doubt, we like to be simple rather than glorious. Not only is that usually easier on us (and we don't consider running a website glamorous or rewarding in itself), but it's also less likely to cause you trouble. If you want to interact with a statement of graphic art, this isn't the site for you.

Headers and Footers

On almost all of our web pages, you will find a common header and footer. We've highlighted their positions on this page. In particular, there you can see that...

And yes, we have plans for the blank spots. Stay tuned...

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