Cynics at Large Privacy Policy

Your Privacy at the Cynics

This is the full, unadulterated Privacy Policy governing how The Cynics run their Web site. Understanding this page will require a basic understanding of how computers and Web servers work. If you don't know what cookies or IP addresses are, you may prefer the un-technical version of our policy. You can always ask a technically astute friend for help in deciphering this version.


Naturally we have many links to other Web sites. We do not however include graphics or other inline elements from other sites. No, not even counters, and definitely not ads. Everything you see on our pages comes from our servers, and we feel responsible for it. Do note that another site can make a page using frames that visually includes a page of ours. There isn't much we can do to prohibit this, and the result may look like we included someone else's material on our page, when in fact someone else included ours on theirs. So technically, all we can promise is that we won't be the source of any visual confusion of authorship.

As a matter of site policy, all links to other sites are written such that your browser will try to open a (single) new window for them. This is to distinguish them from internal links, and to make it easier for you to get back to us. You are free to tell your browser not to follow this instruction, of course; we don't mind.


We don't send you cookies unless you explicitly asked for it, either by filling out a form, or by sending us cookies that indicate that you did so earlier. We don't act on any cookies you send us unless they were the result of such an earlier act of yours. In other words, if you just visit, you won't get any cookies from us. Furthermore, we intend this site to work perfectly well even without any cookies, so if you choose to tell your browser to throw out all cookies coming from us, that's perfectly fine with us. (Of course, that means that we can't remember anthing you asked us to remember for you, either.)

Under no circumstances will any of our pages send you cookies for domains other than our own. You would have to visit another site to get their cookies. And then, of course, that's between them and you.

Javascript and other scripting

Perry knows enough about security to worry about Javascript. We would love to get along without using it at all, and for the most part we do. But there are times when the ordinary conveniences of life, such as pop-up menus that don't require you to press "go" buttons, require a smidgen of it. In those cases, we try to make sure that the page still works, albeit less conveniently, if you have Javascript turned off. It's up to you whether you want more convenience or more paranoia.

If you find any page that doesn't work with Javascript off, let us know and we will try to fix it. (Of course it may not be Javascript's fault, but broken is broken.)

Request Logging

We routinely record all activity on our systems, from a mix of curiosity and paranoia. This includes each HTTP request serviced (or not) by our Web server. We may retain these logs forever or until we get tired of it. They are intended as an auditing and security feature; we don't give them to anyone who doesn't live here unless moderate legal pressure is applied to us. On the other hand, if we suspect abusive intent, we will use this information to figure out who you are and what you've tried to do to us.

Referer Logging

If you tell your browser to send a Http-Referer header to indicate which page your link came from, we will record this information in the request log and use it where convenient; in particular, it may help us to diagnose the occasional problem. It's completely up to you whether you send these headers; the site will work fine for you either way.

User-Agent Information

Once in a while we look at the User-Agent header to figure out whether your browser can do a particular trick or not. We try hard not to do this too often - we believe in pages that work in any browser - but sometimes it's just necessary. We also collect the User-Agent field out of sheer curiosity. If you turn it off, we won't be offended (and we really don't care that much).


We don't guarantee you anonymity on our site. If you require that your activities, legal or otherwise, cannot be associated with your system, access path, or physical or legal person, then you must take appropriate measures yourself, and we're not crazy enough to give you unpaid advice on how to do that.

We have a moderately libertarian streak, so we intend to keep our system's logs private from prying eyes, whether official or otherwise. We are not, however, planning on becoming an ACLU/EFF test case, so if moderate legal pressure is applied to us, we will probably give in. We will make an effort to let you know, but understand that the same government that can force us to hand over our logs can also force us not to tell you about it.

Still Got Questions?

We must have forgotten something. If there's something you're burning to know about your privacy and how we might be hounding it to death behind your back, drop us a line and we will try to set your mind at ease.

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