Cynics at Large Privacy Policy

Your Privacy at the Cynics

(The un-technical version)

The Summary

We could, but we won't, because we think it would be wrong. Honest.

The Policy

Every Web server collects information about you every time you use it. It's virtually unavoidable, and much of it is useful to just keep the darn thing running with a minimum of fuss. We couldn't not collect any information about you unless we completely ignored you... and that wouldn't be nice.

We do promise not to collect information about you just for the fun of it. We promise not to snoop after you with the information you do leave, unless it's evidence of blatantly illegal nature, and we promise not to let anyone else have it or use it either, unless someone forces us with the law. You can probably believe us because we're not in this for the money, and you're probably not titillating enough to make us abandon our princples. Even better, we run our own computers and Web servers, so we don't depend on outfits that are in it for the money for the daily running of our computers.

We do our best to organize our Web site such that it does not require you to give us more information than you want to. We will still try to work with you if you don't want to leave any permanent tracks behind when you leave. If we do ask for additonal information to server you better, we will make an effort to explain what is going on, and to give you alternatives.

If you think this policy sounds pretty weak, you should go and read the "privacy policy" of your favorite Web site. Come back when you're done and tell me that theirs is, in practice, better than ours. We'll still be here.

I want to know the details!

Very well. Here is the technical version of the Cynical Privacy Policy. Have fun.

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