Cynics at Large Cynical X509 Certificates

Cynical Certificates

If you were trying to use SSL to one of our servers and were told that it is having trouble trusting us, you need to download one of our signing certificates and tell your program or computer to trust it. It's usually not that hard.

Do be aware that by assigning trust to one of our certificates, you will tell your browser or other client program to trust us to a certain extent. It's difficult to explain this in a non-technical way without resorting to vigorous hand-waving, so if you are a paranoid sort, you may want to get technical advice before proceeding. If you do have a technical grounding, you may want to visit our Policy Pages for more information and, perhaps, some reassurances.

Which Certificate Root Should I Trust?

I Want To Know More!

Fine. Come on over to the Policy Pages for more, if necessarily more technical, information. If you are wondering why I even bothered to set up all of this on my own, you can read a bit of background information.

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