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This page allows you to send a file to The Cynics through your web browser, assuming of course that your browser supports this feature.

Before You Send Your File...

... there are a few formalities we must get through. You, the sender of your file, agree by sending your file to us, that we may read and enjoy its contents as we please. This includes sharing it with friends and acquaintainces as we choose. You agree that you have no legal claim on us whatever, including any claim to have your file stored, protected, kept confidential, processed in any way, or returned to you. You agree that you have no expectation of privacy in your file's contents.

If you require any kind of assurances about the file you're about to send, stop right here and contact us beforehand.

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Other Ways to Send Us Files

We no longer run a public FTP server. It's just become too tedious to bear. Sorry about that.

If your file is not big, you can always enclose it in an e-mail message and send it that way. Please understand that e-mail has even lesser standards of security and confidentiality than Web uploads. But it's really convenient...

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